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5 Ways to Test Wearable Devices: SAE International On-Demand Webcast


As wearables get smaller and easier to use, SAE International has released an on-demand webcast that covers five different ways to test and evaluate these devices.

“Wearables in healthcare have moved toward solutions that reduce the device profile, provide more integration with smartphone apps, and most importantly enable patients to receive their treatments at home instead of in a doctor's office,” SAE reports. To that end, rigorous mechanical testing is required to fully evaluate the aspects of wearable devices.

Meredith Bernstein, biomedical applications engineer, Instron, provides insights during a 30-minute webcast, with updates on:

  • trends in wearable technology;
  • an overview of mechanical testing for wearable devices;
  • complete functional device testing to ISO 11608; and
  • peel and tack testing of medical-grade adhesives.

Register for the on-demand webinar on SAE’s webcast page.

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