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National Waste & Recycling Association to Host Webinar on Electric Vehicles in the Waste Industry


The National Waste & Recycling Association (NWRA) will host a webinar this month on the growing shift towards electric vehicles (EVs) in the refuse truck industry.

Refuse trucks are essential for collecting and transporting solid waste from residential, commercial, and industrial areas to disposal. Traditional refuse trucks are typically powered by diesel engines and hydraulic bodies, although recently, there has been an uptick in EVs in the refuse truck industry.

The session will dive into EVs, both chassis and bodies, to better understand the advantages EVs have over their diesel and hydraulic counterparts. The webinar will also cover the benefits of EVs, which include reduced emissions, improved efficiency, and quieter operation.

Register for the two-part series, to be held on August 30-31, on NWRA’s website.

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