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ASSP Podcast on Tips for Improving Ergonomics through Better Design, Innovation, and Collaboration


The American Society of Safety Professionals (ASSP) has released the latest episode of its podcast, The Case for Safety, focused on ergonomics in the workplace. The episode reveals how organizations can assess the ergonomics in a job site and offers steps that safety professionals and employers can take to help improve ergonomics at their jobs.

Guest Anuja Patil, risk control product consulting director and administrator of ASSP’s ergonomics practice specialty, discusses the importance of ergonomics to workers’ health and well-being.

“Proper ergonomics not only prevents injuries and discomfort; it also enhances productivity. By designing work spaces and tasks that align with the human body’s natural mechanics, we reduce strain, fatigue, and the risk of long-term health issues,” Patil explains.

Access the latest episode on ASSP’s podcast webpage.

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