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PDF Association Releases PDF Cheat Sheets, for Free


To help developers remember key terms and concepts and work more efficiently while ensuring that their knowledge of PDF is technically correct, the PDF Association has released four PDF cheat sheets.

The cheat sheets feature highly condensed summaries, with logical groupings of information to help jog a PDF user’s memory about nuances or details that are often forgotten without regular and repeated use. The cheat sheets use simple sentences, illustrations, and color coding wherever possible to optimize support for the global community of PDF developers.

The association reports that the cheat sheets don’t introduce PDF technology, and are not a substitute for an initial learning phase. The sheets do not displace the official core PDF specification. And, where the cheat sheets don’t address a subject in sufficient detail, developers should always refer to the latest ISO 32000.

Access the cheat sheets and more information via PDF Association’s news item.

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