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ASSP Articles Sheds Light on “8 Ways to Improve Organizational Process Management and Safety”


The American Society of Safety Professionals (ASSP) has published an article offering tips to reduce risk and improve safety across an organization—takeaways from ASSP’s webinar with Pete Susca, an expert in organizational management and principal of OpX Safety.

Susca, who has authored 20 publications on organizational management, focuses on strategies that go beyond technical safety and highlight organizational operations, processes, and decision-making.

Among the tips, he advises:

  • See safety issues as symptoms of poor decision-making
  • To improve safety, improve process health
  • Determine what “safe enough” means for your organization
  • Develop procedural discipline
  • Outline roles and responsibility in safety
  • Reduce unnecessary front-line decision-making
  • Value process health more than results
  • To create better processes, think of Lego instructions (i.e., follow simplistic principles)

Access more details on ASSP’s website.

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