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ASTM International: New Survey Report on Medical Exoskeletons


ASTM International recently published findings from its global survey of healthcare professionals who utilize medical exoskeletons—wearable units for patients experiencing various injuries, illnesses, and/or disabilities for rehabilitation purposes.

The survey, “Global Survey of Healthcare Professionals Using Medical Exoskeletons,” was designed to gain deeper insights into medical professionals’ experience with medical exoskeletons, and to gather their perspectives and unique insights about using these devices for patient care.

“Medical exoskeletons have the potential to transform how physical rehabilitation services are delivered to patients experiencing many types of medical conditions. These devices also have the potential to be used outside clinical settings to assist people who need them with activities of daily living, community participation, exercise, hobbies, and other physical activities,” the report authors note. “Unfortunately, very little is known about which medical exoskeletons are currently in use, the state-of-the-market, or the perspectives of medical professionals using exoskeletons, their safety and performance needs for these products, and their needs for relevant certification, standards, test methods, and outreach.”

ASTM reports that learnings from this project can be used to improve exoskeleton technology and to further develop standards, education, and outreach programs to help drive the growth of the exoskeleton industry.

Access the survey report on ASTM International’s news release webpage.

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