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USGBC Podcast: How to Advocate for Sustainable Buildings and Communities


The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) recently released a podcast: “How to Advocate for Sustainable Buildings and Communities,” featuring insights from Jennifer Gunby, USGBC senior manager of state and local advocacy.

Gunby, together with the USGBC advocacy and policy team, has worked with numerous local and state decision-makers in an effort to identify and facilitate green building policies that implement best practices to reduce climate change and make sustainable buildings and communities accessible to people with different incomes.

The episode highlights five simple steps to advocate for such sustainable places:

  • Establish a presence: Build relationships and connections by introducing yourself to local decision-makers and sharing your knowledge with others.
  • Know the landscape. Learn the policies (and the people behind them) driving community outcomes.
  • Be an advocate and participate by checking out websites, social media, and/or USGBC’s Advocacy Day Guide.
  • Share good news: Spread the word on green buildings, and respond with positive encouragement.
  • Amplify impact by volunteering for candidates and participating in elections.

Listen to the podcast, also featuring Elizabeth Thompson, USGBC's vice president of growth marketing, on Soundcloud, and read more about ways to advocate on USGBC’s website.

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