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ATIS’ Next G Alliance White Paper on Transformative Role of 6G


The Next G Alliance, an initiative of the Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions (ATIS), has released a white paper, “Distributed Sensing and Communications,” highlighting the transformative role of 6G technology in enhancing integrated sensing and communication systems.

The paper covers an overview of communication-assisted sensing, which leverages sensing capabilities derived from radio frequency (RF) (e.g., radar, 5G NR, Wi-Fi) and/or non-RF (e.g., camera) sensor inputs to improve existing services’ quality of experience. It also examines sensing-assisted communication, which leverages sensing capabilities derived from the use of RF and/or non-RF sensing capabilities to improve communication services and operations.

The paper provides details about artificial intelligence and machine learning for Integrated Sensing and Communication (ISAC) and analyzes how 6G JCAS capabilities support personal data protection per data owner configurations and data protection regulations/laws, with recommendations.

“Nearly all markets with use cases in this application class will experience the impact of 6G distributed sensing innovation,” said Next G Alliance managing director David Young. “These include health care, public safety, agriculture, and environmental monitoring, and the new NGA report focuses on the potential impact in the critical sectors of health care and public safety.”

Access and download the report via the ATIS website.

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