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AEM President on Making Space for a Talented and Diverse Workforce


In a new article, Megan Tanel, president of the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM), makes the case for how diversity, equity, and inclusion can act as tools to close the skills gap in the industry.

The feature article, “Don’t Just Ask for a Talented and Diverse Workforce, Make Space for It to Show Up,” recognizes that leadership will drive successful organizations if they encourage the current and future workforce to “bring their authentic selves to work.” To that end, workforce talent should be comfortable knowing they won’t be met with bias, ridicule, or discrimination, Tanel explains.

“There is no overstating the importance of seeking out greater levels of diversity as it relates to age, race, gender, ability, and thought (to name a few) in equipment manufacturing,” Tanel explains. “Differences should not only be accepted, but also encouraged. They allow us to better connect with one another, they foster greater creativity and innovation, they force us to overcome both implicit and explicit bias, and they lead to greater levels of personal and professional growth.”

Access the full article on AEM’s website.

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