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AWWA Webinar: Revolutionizing Leak Detection in the Digital Age


The American Water Works Association (AWWA) will host a webinar to highlight different methodologies of proactive leak detection usage, including cutting-edge satellite technology, best practices for collaboration, and real-world customer insights.

“As water scarcity becomes a pressing concern worldwide, proactive leak detection programs have become crucial,” AWWA reports. “These programs are now at the forefront of water management strategies, combating challenges related to aging infrastructure, rising energy costs, and water affordability.”

The session will provide participants with the knowledge and tools needed to overcome obstacles in leak detection, to improve operational efficiency, and enhance overall water management practices. It will also examine the challenges seen in the field of water management and leak detection, including:

  • Methodological dilemmas
  • Reducing non-revenue water (NRW)
  • Cost-effectiveness and efficiency
  • Customer experience enhancement
  • Knowledge gaps

Expert panelists will include Paul Gagliardo, principal consultant, Gagliacqua Consulting and host of the Water Entrepreneur Podcast; Eric Trerotola, sales manager, North America, ASTERRA; Sabrina Dodos, utility service engineer, City of Henderson; Cynthia Baughman, PMP, BRMP, water utilities technology director, City of Garland, TX; and Michael Thomas, water loss analyst, Portland Water Bureau, Portland, Oregon.

Access more information and register for the March 19 session via AWWA’s meeting page.

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