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ASME Podcast Looks at the Third Wave of AI


The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) will host a webinar that will focus on a new approach to AI, known as “the 3rd Wave” of AI.

The adoption of the 3rd wave of AIintended to address issues related to current AIpresents new challenges related to storage, computing, and networking. Presenter Brons Larson, Ph.D., AI ecosystems lead, office of the CTO at Dell, will discuss the motivation for the 3rd wave of AI and its implications. Key takeaways will cover:

  • How AI has evolved in three waves (handcrafted knowledge, stochastic knowledge, and adaptive knowledge)
  • How current AI faces technical challenges that are driving the need for new algorithmic approaches
  • How Generative AI is a “stylizer” by stylizing responses in the format of “conversation”
  • How the future of AI is based on AI’s ability to abstract and operate on data it has never seen before
  • How the future of AI will need massively parallel gAI chips (those that go beyond GPUs)
  • How the next wave of AI will be hugely disruptive: decreased storage needs, decreased data management, etc.

Access more information on the webinar, to be held on April 25 at 2:00 p.m. ET, via the registration page.

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