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New ASSP Report Aims to Help Create Safer Workplaces


In an effort to improve worker safety and health, the American Society of Safety Professionals (ASSP) has released an online report that reflects insights from top safety leaders representing a broad range of industry sectors.

For the “2024 Corporate Listening Tour Report,” ASSP interviewed a group of nearly 60 ASSP members over six years. The report examines on top trends and challenges that safety leaders recognize and highlights five key takeaways:

  • Focus on What Matters, prioritizing the prevention of serious injuries and fatalities over minor incidents.
  • Manage Workforce Changes and Safety Priorities by setting the standard on employee trainings and providing input on retention strategies.
  • Embrace OSH-Related Applications of AI, but tread carefully, ASSP warns. OSH professionals should focus on using AI to enhance safety, but assure their organization doesn’t neglect established traditional safety practices.
  • Manage Cultural Shifts and Governance in Uncertain Times, including during economic and political upheavals.
  • Empower Influential OSH Leaders in the Changing Workplace, which includes staying up-to-date on technical skills and certifications.

“The report proposes a set of questions to help spark discussions among safety teams as well as with their colleagues and corporate leaders,” said CEO Jennifer McNelly. “It’s through proactive conversations about trends and potential risks that we can better integrate program improvements to reduce worker injuries, illnesses, and fatalities.”

To read more, access the report on ASSP’s news page.

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