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ASIS Foundation Report: Opportunities for Autonomous Vehicles for the Security Industry


ASIS Foundation’s new report examines opportunities for corporate security to use autonomous vehicles (AVs) to enhance their security measures.

Researchers looked at AVs operating in air, land, water, and underwater, and assessed how AVs have evolved and how artificial intelligence is affecting their capabilities. The report also examines the threats, risks, challenges, and opportunities presented by AVs in several fields to provide recommendations for their use by security practitioners.

"We've witnessed the evolution of autonomous vehicle technology since the 1990s,” said principal researcher Alison Wakefield, co-director of the Cybersecurity and Criminology Centre at the University of West London. “While these advancements hold immense potential across various sectors, including commercial, military, and security, they also bring a myriad of risks and challenges. Our report aims to provide security practitioners with valuable insights and recommendations to navigate this complex landscape effectively."

The researchers reveal how practitioners can benefit from advances in AV technologies while avoiding unexpected or unintended consequences, highlighting the integral role of organizations in facilitating collaboration to drive best practices for the safety and benefit of the industry.

Access the report online via ASIS International.

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