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UL Standards & Engagement Releases Report on E-Bike Awareness


UL Standards & Engagement (ULSE) has released a report that sheds light on the awareness gap and consumer misconceptions about lithium-ion battery safetyunderscoring the need for standards to support safer products.

The report, “Raising the Risk: How Safety Oversights of E-Mobility Riders Threaten More Lithium-Ion Battery Fires,” found that e-bike and e-scooter riders have a lack of understanding about the lithium-ion batteries that power their devices. What’s more, many users surveyed reported receiving “inadequate information” or “little to no information” from manufacturers and retailers regarding proper charging practices and battery safety.

“The massive growth of the e-bike and e-scooter market has not been matched by consumer safety education on these devices,” said Sayon Deb, director of primary insights at ULSE. “What our research shows is that there are clear opportunities to reduce the risk—and to do that some dangerous misconceptions and misunderstandings must change.”

Access the report on ULSE’s press release.

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