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ASTM Podcast: Insights from New President Andy Kireta


ASTM International recently released its latest Standards Impact podcast episode, featuring an interview with Andrew Kireta, who began his tenure as the new president of the organization in May 2024.

He shares how his background in mechanical engineering shaped his career, reflects on managing organizations, and offers lessons essential to business and standards development. He also gives his perspective on tools to deliver standards content; how new innovations such as additive manufacturing, AI, and space flight are shaping the standardization community; and challenges the standardization community faces.

“Our system is set up, and our values are set up, to be diverse, equitable, inclusive, so that we welcome all voices. But that doesn't mean that we get all voices, right? So we have to actively go out and do things and put plans in place to bring those voices in,” noted Kireta. “It's really getting those folks earlier in their career understanding why standards development is important to how their business operates, and to their success personally. And that also extends to our current efforts in how we're engaging students. How do we get students involved . . . before they even get into the workplace?”

Kireta, who has worked in various capacities within the standards community during his career, has held leadership positions with ASTM Committee B05 on Copper and Copper Alloys and its subcommittees.

Access the Standards Impact episode.

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