ANSI - American National Standards Institute

ANSI Accredited Standards Developers

If you are already an ANSI accredited standards developer, please be sure to visit ANSI Document Library. It contains information concerning procedural changes under consideration by the Executive Standards Council (ExSC), undergoing public review (these are also published in Standards Action) and recently approved by the Board of Directors. This information will help you stay informed and be prepared for any resulting procedural changes that may be required within your organization.

We urge you to review the procedural changes that are undergoing public review. Public review is the primary opportunities to make your opinions known to the ExSC. Of course, you may submit comments and proposals for change to the ExSC at any time and the ExSC will consider them and respond to you.

Periodically, the Procedures & Standards Administration Department (PSA) will send to you a compilation of all of the changes approved by the ANSI Board of Directors. This will usually take the form of a revised set of procedures. Along with any revisions is a compliance form that must be signed and returned to the PSA Department after you have reviewed the revisions and compared them with your organization's accredited procedures - whether you use unique procedures or have adopted the model committee procedures or the model canvass procedures.

The compliance form informs you of the date by which your organization is expected to be in full compliance with the approved revisions. The ExSC is aware that procedures take time to change. Thus, although the Board of Directors may approve procedural revisions over time, accredited standards developers are not required to be in compliance with those changes until notification of said changes is provided to the accredited standards developers along with a compliance form. It makes sense however, for American National Standards developers to be aware of the changes that are in progress and those that have been approved. Being aware of these changes can save you time.

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