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National Policy Advisory Group (NPAG)

NPAG provides views and proposes policies regarding national standards development process issues, government relations and public policy issues.

NPAG Overview

The National Policy Advisory Group provides views and propose policies regarding national standards and conformity assessment issues, including related public policy issues. The NPAG responds to requests for input from time to time from the Board, Executive Committee, Committees of ANSI, Forums and other PAGs. The NPAG reports to the Executive Committee.

The Committee on Education (CoE) is a standing committee of NPAG that, among other things, oversees all Institute initiatives related to standards and conformity assessment education and outreach.

The NPAG is also responsible for reviewing and formulating ANSI positions in connection with ANSI government-related activities. In addition to activities related to Congress, federal agencies and state and local governments, the NPAG is responsible for formulating and approving ANSI's role in connection with outside organizations and coalitions which may be useful in achieving ANSI’s objectives.

The NPAG may recommend policies or positions to the ANSI Board of Directors for approval, as necessary.

Members and Officers

The NPAG Membership is made up of members of ANSI.

NPAG Chair

Mr. Gordon Gillerman, NIST

 ANSI National Policy Advisory Group Members

Meeting Calendar

The NPAG will likely meet two times per year.

 Schedule of upcoming meetings

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Document Library

The National Policy Advisory Group (NPAG) Document Library contains information available only to registered NPAG members. It requires a username and password to use.

 More information about document access

Membership in ANSI

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Staff Contacts

Mary H. Saunders
Vice President of Government Relations & Public Policy
Tel: 202 331 3610

Thuan Do
Executive Assistant to the President and CEO
Tel: 202 331 3613

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