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Making the Most of your Membership

USNC Membership

Premier members are entitled to unlimited membership in over 170 USNC Technical Advisory Groups (TAGs) for their employees without paying Individual TAG Participation Fees. Premier Membership also gives you the opportunity to:


  • Nominate candidates for USNC Officer positions, as well as membership on our USNC policy committees which allows you to participate in the USNC governance and strategic planning
  • Have brand visibility and logo placement for your organization on USNC communication outlets;
  • Eligible for discount on IEC and other selected standards from the ANSI web store

 To find out more about USNC Premier Membership, please contact the USNC General Secretary.

USNC/TAG Membership

The USNC operates on the basis of TAGs, one for each IEC Technical Committee or Subcommittee on which the USNC is a “Participating” (“P”) Member. TAGs develop U.S. positions on technical – and certain policy – issues that are under consideration within the IEC technical committee structure.

A TAG consists of and is open to all U.S. nationally interested parties (companies, organizations, government agencies, etc.) directly and materially affected by the work of the TC/SC. The process for developing USNC positions shall provide an opportunity for fair and equitable participation without dominance by any single interest.

The USNC participates in almost the entire technical program of the IEC, and administers many key committees and subgroups.

 List of the latest IEC TCs/SCs/SyCs

 USNC TAG Officer Directory

 Organizations and individuals interested in participation in the USNC TAG activities are invited to contact the USNC.

USNC would like to thank its Premier Members: