ANSI - American National Standards Institute

Conformity Assessment Policy Coordination Committee (CAPCC)

The purpose of this USNC standing committee is to coordinate USNC positions on Electrotechnical Conformity Assessment (CA) issues which are specifically related to, or impact the IEC global agenda. The Conformity Assessment Policy Coordination Committee (CAPCC) has the responsibility to ensure that when such issues are identified, that USNC consensus positions are developed and represented in appropriate National, Regional and International CA groups.

The Committee is responsible for developing and coordinating USNC positions on IEC CAB issues and other International, Regional or National CA agendas that may impact IEC CA System’s activities or interests within the US.

The USNC is responsible for the distribution and representation of the consensus positions to appropriate National, Regional and International CA groups, and for ensuring that the outcomes of these group actions are reported back to the CAPCC for review.

CAPCC has the responsibility to:

  • Report on their activities to the USNC Council at USNC meetings or more frequently if necessary.
  • Develop recommendations on USNC CA strategy and implementation plans for USNC Council endorsement. The CAPCC shall operate by consensus. If a consensus position on a particular issue is not reached, then the CAPCC will refer the issue to the USNC Council for resolution.
  • Recommend USNC CA positions for agenda items at the IEC Council Board and ANSI Executive Board as they arise.
  • Recommend CA positions that impact technical standards to the USNC Technical Management Committee for action.


Chair: Dr. Richard McDermott, ECC Corporation
Vice-Chair: Ed Donahue, Mutual Cornell
Secretary: Don Baker, Component Trends


Chair: Timothy Duffy, Rockwell Automation
Co-Vice Chairs: Steven T. Margis, UL LLC and Paul A. Moliski, Intertek
Secretary: Joel Solis, NEMA


Chair: Evans Massey, Baldor Electric
Vice-Chair: Paul T. Kelly, UL
Secretary: Joel Solis, NEMA


Chair: Robert Sherwin, EAPC Wind Energy Services
Vice-Chair: Dan Brake, ARESCA
Secretary: George Kelly, ARESCA