ANSI - American National Standards Institute

The ANSI International Policy Committee (IPC)

Terms of Reference

  • Development of ANSI strategic directions and policies related to international and regional standardization in the broadest sense (not exclusive to ISO and IEC);
  • General coordination and oversight of ANSI’s implementation of the relevant initiatives (5 and 7) of the U.S. National Standards Strategy. This includes coordination of the efforts of the ANSI ISO Council, AIF, USNC Council, USNC TMC, and the RSCs to ensure consistency/compatibility among them and advancement of the goals of the U.S. NSS;
  • Management of relationships with standards and standards-related organizations other than ISO and IEC, such as the ITU, the regional European organizations, PASC, COPANT, national standards organizations, etc. except as otherwise delegated by the ANSI Board of Directors to another body;
  • Resolution of conflicting positions on issues of common concern to ISO and IEC. The IPC will make the final decisions on the common position to be submitted to both ISO and IEC when such conflicts exist.  (Note:  There may be cases where different positions may be submitted to both organizations due to sectoral considerations or inherent differences in the two organizations);
  • Coordination with the USTR on matters related to the WTO, FTAA and APEC SCSC, with the DoS on matters related to the ITU-T, and with other government agencies as appropriate; and
  • Reports to the ANSI Board of Directors and its Executive Committee.

Examples of Initiatives within IPC's Jurisdiction

  • U.S. positions on the ISO/IEC/ITU-I World Standards Cooperation (WSC), as a result of coordination with and input from the AIC and the USNC;
  • ANSI’s international and global outreach to promote U.S. standardization principles and solutions;
  • Strategies, identification and advancement of U.S. persons into international and regional leadership positions except as otherwise delegated by the ANSI Board of Directors to another body;
  • Ensuring that ANSI’s efforts in both IEC and ISO related to global relevancy of international standards are coordinated to the extent possible and that support for these efforts is advanced in the regional fora;
  • Standards and conformity assessment and their relationships to international trade and the WTO;
  • Private and public sector cooperation on U.S. strategies regarding international and regional standards and conformity assessment.

 IPC Operational Procedures

 IPC Documents

IPC Membership

The members of the IPC have strong personal knowledge of and are employed by ANSI members that have strong interests/participation in international standardization activities and related conformity assessment.  These individuals, with support from others in their organizations as necessary, have the appropriate knowledge and experience to participate in decision making on ANSI positions related to a broad range of international standards issues, including but not limited to:

  • strategic planning visions and efforts;
  • financing models for international standardization;
  • outreach, support and education for developing countries.

Ideally, the IPC members represent a balance of interests from the four ANSI membership categories (industry, organizations, government and consumers), and a range of technical subject expertise.

 List of IPC members

Staff Contact

Steven P. Cornish
Senior Director - International Policy and Strategy
Phone: 212.642.4969

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