ANSI - American National Standards Institute

International and Regional Programs - General and Policy - Overview

Voluntary consensus standards for products, processes and services are at the foundation of the U.S. economy and society. The United States has a proud tradition of developing and using voluntary standards to support the needs of our citizens and the competitiveness of U.S. industry in the world’s business market.

But the system is facing new challenges. Increasing global concern for health, safety and the protection of the environment combined with dramatic increases in world trade and competition from other countries have altered the business and standards landscapes. The exclusion of technology supporting U.S. needs from international standards can be a significant detriment to U.S. competitiveness. The U.S. will lose market share as competitors work hard to shape standards to support their own technologies and methods. Equally important, standards are the basis for protection of health, safety and the environment. When our standards in these areas are not accepted elsewhere, we all lose.

ANSI promotes the use of U.S. standards internationally, advocates U.S. policy and technical positions in international and regional standards organizations, and encourages the adoption of international standards as national standards where these meet the needs of the user community.

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