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Regional Standing Committee - Europe, Middle East & Africa

The RSC-Europe, the Middle East and Africa (RSC-EMEA) was created in an effort to broaden the participation of ANSI in the development of policy positions regarding regional standards and conformity assessment activities, and to coordinate U.S. activities, respond to initiatives and advise ANSI on matters relating to the European, Middle Eastern and African regions.


The mission of the RSC-EMEA is to develop and maintain strategies and goals for the EMEA region for the ANSI International Policy Committee (IPC) on an ongoing basis to achieve objectives such as to:

  • Prepare for the ANSI-European Standards Organizations (ESO) meetings
  • Develop and coordinate positions for ANSI delegations to ANSI-ESOs meetings
  • Work with the U.S Department of Commerce including the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the International Trade Administration (ITA) and other governmental agencies on standards and conformity assessment issues impacting the region.
  • Support the US Government on trade-related standards and conformity assessment matters impacting the region.
  • Identify experts who are able to represent ANSI at European meetings and conferences
  • Coordinate ANSI positions with other ISO and IEC national standards bodies in the region
  • Coordinate and lead outreach visits to and from countries of interest in the region
  • Provide outreach and training tools for Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Members and Officers


John Kulick

Jessica Roop
Manager – International Policy – Regional and Bilateral Programs

Organizational Structure

Meeting Calendar

The RSC-EMEA typically meets four to six times per year in live and teleconference meetings.

For a schedule of upcoming meetings, please enter either Regional Standing Committees – Europe, the Middle East and Africa or RSC-EMEA in the Key Word search field of the ANSI Online Calendar of Events.

Document Library

The RSC-EMEA Document Library contains information available only to registered RSC-EMEA members. It requires a username and password to use.

 More information about document access.

Membership in ANSI

If not already a member of ANSI, please follow these links to:

The three European Standardization Organizations (ESOs):

Staff Contacts

Jessica Roop
Manager – International Policy – Regional and Bilateral Programs
Tel: 202.331.3622
Fax: 202.293.9287