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Standardization case


These case studies demonstrate where standardization – either the concept or actual practice – helped in the resolution of real-world problems across a variety of disciplines. Instructors can incorporate the case studies into their lectures and use the related Q&A sheets to stimulate class discussion of standardization in their discipline, along with the economic or operational consequences of addressing or not addressing the issues or needs.

Case studies may be used in the classroom and redistributed freely, with proper attribution to ANSI as the source.

Case studies

U.S. Department of Defense: The Virginia Class Submarine Case Study

Where There Is Smoke... There Doesn’t Have to be Fire: Fire-Safety and ASTM E2187

ASTM D6751 and the Zimbabwe Jatropha Program

Stopping Fires before They Start: NEMA and the Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter Standard

Canadian Standards Association (CSA): Ensuring Quality Drinking Water

Canadian Standards Association (CSA): Standards for Energy Efficiency - International Cooperation, Environmental Goals, and Clothes Washer Standards

Clinical Device Group: ISO 14155, Good Clinical Practice for Medical Device Trials

Purdue University: Developing a Research Laboratory around Standards Participation

NEMA: Reliable Images - the DICOM Standard for Medical Imaging

NEMA: Tamper-Resistant Receptacles - Standards Help Protect Children From Electrical Shock

Power Supply Cord Safety in Portable Fans and Heaters

INCITS: Technical Committee T10 on Small Computer System Interface (SCSI) Provides Multi-Vendor Storage Device Interoperability

Achieving Goals via the Politics of International Standards – IEC Ultrasound TCs

INCITS: Technical Committee T11 on Fibre Channel Provides Standards for Storage Environments

INCITS: Technical Committee M1 Biometrics Standards Leveraged by Aadhaar System in India

INCITS: JTC 1/SC 37 Standards to Support Biometric Technology Adopted by ICAO for Machine Readable Travel Documents

INCITS: Technical Committee M1 and JTC 1/SC 37 Biometric Standards Facilitate U.S. Government use of Personal Identity Verification

INCITS: Technical Committee L3 on Joint Photographic Expert Group (JPEG) Image Coding Standard

INCITS: Technical Committee L3 on Moving Picture Experts Group Multimedia Service Platform Technologies (MPEG-M) Standard

INCITS: Character Encoding Enables Electronic Access to Text in Languages Across the Globe

INCITS: Consensus Leads to Development of International Computer Programming Language C++

INCITS: Standards Employed to Obtain 2020 U.S. Census

INCITS: U.S. Library of Congress Uses Standardized Digital Formats for Sustainable Preservation of Archives

INCITS: Standards Facilitate 3D Publishing

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