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Consumer Safety Central Webinar



How Can CONSUMERS Contribute to Standards Development?

Join this free webinar to learn about standards development, the need for consumer participants, and ways to get involved and make a difference.

WHO: Consumer Product Safety Commission Consumer Ombudsman Jonathan Midgett and ANSI Consumer Outreach Manager Cleo Stamatos

WHAT: Briefing on standards development; why it matters, what it is, and how you can participate

WHY: Standards are working behind the scenes to improve our lives, every day. Product standards aim to help reduce or prevent injuries. They are developed by thousands of volunteers who are experts in their relevant field—such as health professionals, engineers and designers, Consumer advocates, victims of injuries or their survivors, government employees (federal, state, and local), those who work in testing laboratories, academic researchers, lawyers, and others also contribute.

But greater involvement in standards setting from individual consumers is critical to improving the safety of products that we all rely on, every day. You don’t have to be an expertjust a consumer who cares.

Volunteer to share your experience and consumer knowledge! There is a whole world of opportunity in standardization that could benefit you and your family—and make great use of your knowledge in turn.

For details on using a local number, to request accommodations to participate, to receive materials in advance, or to ask a question, please contact Cleo Stamatos by email, [email protected].