ANSI - American National Standards Institute

ANSI 2011 Awards Ceremony Photo Gallery

The 2011 ANSI Awards Banquet and Ceremony was held on October 12, 2011, at the Newseum in Washington, DC. Mr. Art Cote, Chairman of the ANSI Board of Directors and its Awards Committee, served as the master of ceremonies.

The 2011 Meritorious Service Awards were presented to:
Dr. John G. Abbott
Ms. Jean M. Baronas, accepted by Ms. Mary Saunders
Ms. Sonya M. Bird, accepted by Mr. Robert Williams
Mr. Brian K. Daly
Ms. Ramona Saar
The 2010 Chairman’s Award was presented to:
Dr. Clayton Teague
The 2010 President’s Award for Journalism was presented to:
Ms. Diane C. Thompson
The 2009 Next Generation Award was presented to:
Mr. Matthew R. Young
The 2010 Standards Leadership Medals were presented to:
Ms. Mary H. Saunders
Dr. Ralph M. Showers, The Elihu Thomson Electrotechnology Medal accepted by Ms. Virginia White and Ms. Carolin Showers.
Mr. Keith A. Mowry, The Gerald H. Ritterbusch Conformity Assessment Medal
Mr. Richard DeBlasio, The Finegan Standards Medal
Mr. Robert A. Williams, The Howard Coonley Medal
Mr. James E. Matthews, III, The Astin-Polk International Standards Medal
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