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Coordination in
the U.S. Standardization


Among ANSI’s key roles in the U.S. standardization system is to provide a neutral forum for coordination and identification of standards and conformity assessment needs in support of emerging technologies and national/global priorities. To achieve this, ANSI establishes standardization collaboratives, holds stakeholder workshops, and convenes other activities to bring together relevant stakeholders to assess and address standardization needs in a particular industry or technology area.

Standardization Collaboratives

A standardization collaborative is a mechanism established by ANSI to advance cross-sector coordination in the development and compatibility of the standards and conformance programs needed to support and grow emerging technologies and markets.

ANSI establishes standardization collaboratives when a clear need is expressed by the Institute’s membership, be it industry, government, and/or the broader standardization community.

These collaboratives help to inform stakeholder resource allocation for standards participation, avoid duplication of effort, and drive efficient and coordinated standardization activity by standards development organizations (SDOs).

Specifically, ANSI collaboratives work to:

  • Coordinate the efforts of the private and public sectors, with the engagement of all interested stakeholder groups
  • Identify existing standards and standards in development
  • Define where standardization gaps exist based on stakeholder needs
  • Recommend additional work needed, a timeline for its completion, and organizations that can perform the work – often via the development of a standardization roadmap
  • Provide progress updates on any roadmap recommendations
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Timeline of ANSI Standardization Coordination Activities

SInce 1994, ANSI has initiated more than 15 standardization panels, workshops, and collaboratives focused on emerging technologies, growth markets, and other national prioritiesScroll through below to access more information on each, or download a timeline showing all the collaborative standards coordination activities, seven of which are currently active.

A glowing teal microprocessor chip.


Global Supply Chain Security for Microelectronics Standardization

A logo of ANSI EVSP showing a green electric vehicle on a black background.


ANSI Electric Vehicles Standards Panel - Phase 2


Standardization and the Commercial Space Industry

Modern blueish image of a scientists using healthcare technology.


Standardization Enabling AI Systems in Healthcare

About a dozen different vitamins or supplement tablets and capsules on a teal background.


Dietary Supplements Standardization Coordination

The logo of ANSI's UASSC with a light blue drone icon on a dark blue background.


Unmanned Aircraft Systems Standardization Collaborative

The logos of America Makes and ANSI stacked vertically.


America Makes & ANSI Additive Manufacturing Standardization Collaborative

The logo for ANSI's Smart Sustainable Cities program, featuring an illustration of leaves with a modern city emerging.


ANSI Network: Smart and Sustainable Cities

The logo for ANSI's EESCC activity, featuring abstract colorful buildings, construction images, and energy.


ANSI Energy Efficiency Standards Coordination Collaborative

The cover image of "The Financial Management of Cyber Risk" featuring a laptop computer slightly ajar.


The Financial Management of Cyber Risk

The acronym NESCC in white against the background of a nuclear power plant, grass, and sky.


ANSI-NIST Nuclear Energy Standards Coordination Collaborative

A hand holding a tiny tree in its palm against a bright grass and sky background.


Product Standards for Sustainability Workshop

Light-blue tinted glass test tubes and beakers containing clear liquids.


ANSI Network on Chemical Regulation

ANSI BSP logo featuring a biofuel nozzle dispenser and a corn field.


Biofuels Standards Coordination Panel

The ANSI IDSP logo in rad and black on a white background.


ID Theft Prevention and ID Management Standards Panel

The HITSP logo in blue and back on a white background.


Healthcare Information Technology Standards Panel

The logo for the ANSI-NSP program, featuring a blue grid background indicating nanotechnologies.


Nanotechnology Standards Panel

The logo for ANSI's HDSSC program, featuring a close-up American flag waving in the wind against a bright sky.


Homeland Defense and Security Standardization Collaborative

The logo of the ANSI IISP in white against a dark blue modern background.


Information Infrastructure Standards Panel

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