ANSI - American National Standards Institute

The 2011 Howard Coonley Medal

Awarded to: Mr. Robert A. Williams

Mr. Robert A. Williams (left) receives the 2011 Howard Coonley Medal from Mr. Art Cote, Chairman of the ANSI Board of Directors.

Robert A. Williams, vice president, standards, Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL), has been a valuable contributor, expert, and leader in the U.S. and international standards development system for many years.

A highly active member of the Council of the U.S. National Committee (USNC) of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and vice chair of the USNC Nominations Committee, he is also the former vice president, technical, of the USNC. He was instrumental in improving the U.S. standing in IEC, nurturing relationships with standards leaders from around the world and securing support for many U.S. positions. He also chaired the USNC Technical Management Committee, and served on the Planning Committee responsible for executing the 2010 IEC General Meeting in Seattle in October 2010. He was instrumental in building a diverse program for what turned out to be the largest IEC General Meeting ever.

At UL, Mr. Williams has global responsibility for the standards development process. He is a driving force behind UL's role as one of six ANSI audited designators and among the most active in terms of sponsoring American National Standards. Recognizing the limited resources of standards volunteers, he led an effort to streamline the UL standards development process and introduced one of the first online collaborative standards development tools, allowing for remote participation by anyone at any time.

He previously served on the ANSI Executive Standards Council, the National Policy Committee, and the International Policy Committee, and he continues to be active on the ANSI Appeals Board, which he previously chaired. He served as a member of Code Panel 1 to the U.S. National Electrical Code published by the National Fire Protection Association, and as treasurer of the Council for Harmonization of Electrotechnical Standardization of the Nations of the Americas, where he worked to develop guidelines for preparation of North American regional standards.

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