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The 2011 Meritorious Service Awards

Awarded to: Dr. John G. Abbott

Dr. John G. Abbott (far left) displays his 2011 Meritorious Service Award, which he received from Mr. Art Cote, Chairman of the ANSI Board of Directors (far right). Mr. Phil Piqueira and Mr. Charlie Zegers accompany him.

John G. Abbott, Ph.D., director, regulatory affairs, Philips Healthcare, is an international leader in medical technology standardization. He manages the activities of and provides support for more than 100 worldwide experts involved in national and international standards for medical devices, including the areas of magnetic resonance, CT, nuclear medicine, ultrasound, cardiac monitoring, medical IT, PET, X-ray, cardiac resuscitation, and respiratory therapy. He consults with international regulatory agencies and government officials to encourage the use of international standards in their regulatory systems.

A dedicated advocate for international standardization since 1986, Dr. Abbott presently serves as chairman of International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) Technical Committee 87, Ultrasonics; as convenor of IEC Subcommittee 62B, Diagnostic imaging equipment, Maintenance Team 34; and is a past-chairman of the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine (AIUM) Technical Standards Committee. In January 2011 he began a term as a member of the U.S. National Committee to the IEC (USNC) Council, following several years as a member of the USNC Technical Management Committee. His hands-on experience in forums around the globe has enabled him to make tremendous contributions to improving standardization processes and fostering medical device innovation.

Dr. Abbott previously spent more than 15 years in the engineering of diagnostic ultrasound transducers, imaging systems, and measurement systems. He has published numerous reviewed articles covering a variety of ultrasound topics, as well as abstracts for conferences and seminars and letters to the editor. He is a named author on two international patents and has authored or edited part or all of five different domestic and international standards in the field of diagnostic ultrasound.

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