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Company Member Forum

The Company Member Forum (CMF) provides a venue for ANSI members representing the broad spectrum of U.S. industry to come together to discuss national, regional and global standards and conformity assessment issues and collectively shape and influence U.S. policy in the domestic and international arena. Many ANSI corporate members cite this cross-industry networking as one of the primary benefits of membership, which often results in alliances between different Industries and cooperative partnering to leverage resources.

The Company Member Forum Overview

As a membership Forum of ANSI, the functions of the ANSI Company Member Forum include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Provide a forum for discussion and networking by a defined interest category;
  • Provide a mechanism for "early warning" of relevant trends;
  • Address issues of interest primarily to their membership and galvanize implementation at their constituent level;
  • Identify broader-based issues to be addressed by and, where appropriate, recommend that they be addressed by the Executive Committee;
  • Assume an active role in ANSI membership recruitment and retention.

Some of the broad issues that the Company Member Forum works to advance include:

  • Developing solutions to cybersecurity and interoperability challenges faced by industry
  • Attracting newer and younger professionals to standards to counteract the “greying” of the profession
  • Finding methods of timely notification about impactful legislation and regulations
  • Expanding markets and exports of U.S. technology;
  • Promoting global standards over national or regional standards;
  • Eliminating non-tariff technical barriers to trade such as duplicative testing requirements;
  • Reducing the number of marks of conformity;
  • Supporting the supplier’s declaration of conformity while preserving third-party certification for those suppliers who choose to use it;
  • Promoting voluntary standards over government regulations;
  • Opposing management system standards that do not add value to products or end users or that mandate third party verification of conformance;
  • Supporting greater efficiencies in the international standards processes of ISO and IEC.

Members and Officers

Each company member of ANSI automatically becomes a member of the Forum and is entitled to receive documents and send representatives to meetings. The Company Member Forum shall consist of one representative from each company member.

 Complete list of ANSI company members

Forum officers include:

CMF Chair

James Matthews, Corning Inc.

Organizational Structure

All ANSI company members are invited to actively participate in the CMF.

 Operating Procedures of the Company Member Forum (CMF)

Recognizing that U.S. industry has many cross-sector issues that are global in scope, the CMF has developed a new Emerging Issues Process (EIP) to promote cross-sector involvement.

The CMF EIP is an opportunity for members to work together to develop new ways to identify, prioritize, leverage and integrate U.S. resources for new standards related issues as they evolve. The EIP’s aim is to assure an opportunity for appropriate stakeholders to have a voice early in the process as an issue comes into the professional domain instead of only reacting to it once it has moved out of that domain, e.g., into a regulatory one.

Meeting Calendar

 Schedule of upcoming meetings

[Note: Please enter either Company Member Forum or CMF in the Key Word search field in the ANSI Online calendar of events]

The Company Member Forum meets two times a year, typically in the Spring and the Fall (in conjunction with World Standards Week). Any Company Member of ANSI is welcome to attend.

Document Library

 The ANSI Company Member Forum Document Library

[Note: CMF Document Library contains information available only to registered CMF members. It requires a username and password to use.]

 More information about document access

Membership in ANSI

If you are not already a member of ANSI, please visit:

 Benefits of ANSI membership.

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Staff Contact

Kelley Cox
Director Business and Membership Development
202 331 3625

Susan Bose
Senior Manager, Membership Marketing and Development
212 642 4948

Penny Kokias
Membership Assistant
212 642 4926

Christian Santiago
Membership Coordinator
Tel: 212 642 4905

Note to Readers Regarding Revisions to ANSI By-Laws

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