ANSI - American National Standards Institute
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ANSI Welcomes New Members


The American National Standards Institute proudly welcomed 10 new members in August 2015:


Fraunhofer USA, Inc.

Halyard Health

International Dynamic Advisors, S.L.

Metropolitan Government Department of Public Works

Pulama Lanai

Safe Ocean Service Inc.

Saffron Solutions Inc.

SEI Investments Company

Shepherd Data Services, Inc.

These organizations joined a federation that represents more than 125,000 companies and well over 3.5 million professionals. Under the Institute’s umbrella, this diverse constituency works together to strengthen the competitiveness of businesses operating in the global marketplace and to improve the quality of life for all citizens by developing, implementing, and promulgating voluntary consensus standards and related conformance assessment systems.

“Active participation in ANSI and its programs can serve as both a strategic and tangible asset for an organization,” said S. Joe Bhatia, ANSI president and CEO. “Not only will they gain access to information and business intelligence that is not available elsewhere, but they will also receive discounts on many products and services. Equally important, they can build relationships that empower them with a voice and influence over the standardization and conformity assessment decisions that directly affect their business.”

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