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ANSI-authored Article on Chinese Approach to Standards and Conformance Published in China Business Review Magazine

China's approach to standards and conformance was detailed in a recent article published in the China Business Review. Authored by Elise Owen, director of international development at the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), "Standards in China: Behind the Headlines" outlines the differences between U.S. and Chinese standards activities and provids tips for U.S. companies dealing with standardization issues in China.

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The China Business Review, a publication of the U.S.-China Business Council, provides in-depth analysis of business in China for multinational companies. Widely read by government representatives in the U.S., China, and Hong Kong, the magazine aims to provide readers with information that will facilitate success in the Chinese market in a variety of industries.

"Standards in China: Behind the Headlines" explores root causes behind many of the standards and conformance issues faced by U.S. companies in China, and provides practical guidance on how to address and avoid these issues. China's top-down and government-driven approach to standards and conformance is contrasted with the U.S.'s bottom-up and market-driven approach, which focuses on openness and transparency.

The article also suggests specific actions that U.S. companies can take when dealing with standards and conformance in China, including preventative measures and steps to take when encountering issues.

"U.S. companies may feel overwhelmed by the scope of standards and conformance-related challenges they encounter when doing business in China, but most problems are solvable with the proper level of engagement and participation on both sides," said Ms. Owen.

Additionally, the article provides an overview of ANSI and its China Program, including StandardsPortal and the Manufacturer Member Roundtable in China, as well as a case study on foreign participation on Chinese Technical Committees (TCs). [see related article]

"Standards in China: Behind the Headlines" is available for ANSI members on the Institute's online library. To read the article, click here.


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