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IDSP Workspace Enabled to Track Efforts to Mitigate ID Theft and Fraud

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI)'s Identity Theft Prevention and Identity Management Standards Panel (IDSP) announced today the launch of the IDSP workspace, a dedicated section of the ANSI website designed to facilitate the panel's efforts to fight identity theft and fraud. The IDSP is a cross-sector coordinating body where private and public sector interests work cooperatively to address the need for voluntary consensus standards, guidelines, and industry best practices related to identity crime.

"One of the IDSP's objectives has been to track ongoing progress to implement the panel's recommendations," explained James McCabe, ANSI IDSP senior director. "The new IDSP workspace helps to fulfill this objective by providing discussion boards where participants can engage in a virtual conversation about steps already taken, in progress, or still needed for each IDSP recommendation."

McCabe noted that the website also includes a discussion board where users can float new IDSP workshop proposals, a calendar for posting identity related events, and a place for posting general news items of interest. Alerts enable users to stay updated as items are added, changed or removed from the workspace. In addition, the site consolidates in one location the panel's listserv archives and document libraries.

The IDSP workspace can be accessed by any interested stakeholder. The login for read-only anonymous access is as follows:

User-id: iworkspace
Password: workspace

This enables users to view news items, calendar listings, and discussion boards. In order to post comments, news, and calendar items, or set up alerts, users will need to register with ANSI to request access. Click here to register. Access will be tied to a user's regular ANSI login. Users who don't already have an ANSI login will need to create a new account. Users will receive an immediate email confirmation that the registration request has been received and a subsequent confirmation once access has been granted.


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