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WSC Academic Week Highlights the Importance of Standardization Education

Educating leaders of tomorrow about the critical role standardization has to play in a strong and successful future is a key global priority for the entire community. Earlier this month in Geneva, the World Standards Cooperation (WSC) Academic Week brought together representatives of national standards bodies, international organizations, industry, and academia from 30 countries to discuss the evolving relationship between standardization and academia.

Standards Education through

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) provides educational resources on standards and conformity assessment to all interested constituents free of charge through

Administered by ANSI, contains free e-courses, case studies, reference materials, and links to current national and international standards-setting activities and organizations. The educational tools offered on the site provide an engaging online learning experience for both newcomers to the standards arena and long-time participants who want to develop new skills.

In addition to the e-learning programs, also contains the Standards Education Database, a resource for education and distance-learning programs provided by ANSI-accredited standards developers, ANSI members, and academic institutions.

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WSC Academic Week was conceived by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), and the International Telecommunication Union during the 2009 ISO General Assembly. The three organizations sponsored the event, which took place on July 5-9, 2010.

Discussions during the week examined the various aspects of the multi-faced relationship between standardization and academia. University representatives from various countries presented their different programs for standardization education. It was acknowledged that as the level of standardization education continues to grow, so does the need to share information and best practices to ensure that university programs have the most current and accurate knowledge.

Attendees agreed that there is a growing need to strengthen education programs on specific standardization topics such as the economic benefits of standards, "soft skills" required to participate effectively in standards development, and the distinction and relationship between voluntary standards and public policy.

"It was clear that the WSC Academic Week created greater awareness on the need for standardization education," said Rob Steele, ISO Secretary-General. "It also served to enhance linkages between the standards and academic community, which are beneficial to both parties and to other stakeholders, as a way to assist in tackling the issues of sustainability in an economic, environmental, and societal context."

For more information, see the ISO news release.


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