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Intel's Steven Brown Approved as Chair of the ANSI-Accredited U.S. TAG to ISO TC 229, Nanotechnologies

Steven Brown of Intel Corporation has been approved as chair of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI)-accredited U.S. Technical Advisory Group (TAG) to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Technical Committee (TC) 229, Nanotechnologies. Mr. Brown replaces Dr. Clayton Teague, former director of the National Nanotechnology Coordinating Office, who retired in May after nearly 6 years as chair.

Nanotechnology, which refers to the manipulation and control of matter in the nanoscale (approximately 1 to 100 nm), is revolutionizing virtually all industry sectors, from information technology to medicine to clean energy production. Administered by ANSI, the U.S. TAG to ISO TC 229 is responsible for formulating all U.S. positions and proposals with regard to ISO standardization in the field of nanotechnology.

A health, safety, and environmental expert and certified industrial hygienist, Mr. Brown previously served as convenor of ISO TC 229, Working Group (WG) 3, Health Safety and Environment, from 2005 - 2011. Under his convenorship, significant contributions related to the safety of nanomaterials, including two Technical Reports and three International Standards, emerged from the working group.

At Intel, Mr. Brown oversees the development and implementation of comprehensive industrial hygiene programs at Intel's technology development facilities and is responsible for leading the safe introduction of new process chemistries and manufacturing technologies into Intel's global manufacturing facilities. Prior to joining Intel in 1995, he managed the industrial hygiene program at the National Space and Aerospace Administration's (NASA) Kennedy Space Center.

In accordance with the ISO TC 229 TAG Operating Procedures, ANSI is responsible for appointing the chair from the individual members of the U.S. TAG, subject to approval by a majority vote on the U.S. TAG. Mr. Brown's chairmanship was formally approved at the July 13 meeting of the U.S. TAG to ISO TC 229.

"The U.S. has been an active participant and effective leader within ISO TC 229 since the formation of the committee in 2005, playing a key role in influencing the strategic and technical direction of the committee's standardization initiatives," said Fran Schrotter, senior vice president and chief operating officer at ANSI. "In addition to his professional and technical expertise, Steven has demonstrated extraordinary leadership skills in fostering solid working relationships among domestic and international experts, and in achieving consensus on positions that will be beneficial to U.S. industry and government. We look forward to continuing to work with him in this new leadership role."

Participation on the U.S. TAG to ISO TC 229 is open to all materially affected U.S. national interested parties. For more information, please contact the TAG administrator, Heather Benko ([email protected]).


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