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Video Builds Excitement for ISO 2012 General Assembly in San Diego


ISO 2012 General Assembly Sponsorship opportunities available

In anticipation of the 35th International Organization for Standardization (ISO) General Assembly to be held in San Diego, California September 17-22, 2012, ISO 2012 San Diego, a video produced by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), had its international premiere in New Delhi, India on September 19, 2011, at the 34th ISO General Assembly.

"As the U.S. member body - and a founding member - of ISO, ANSI is proud to be hosting the 35th General Assembly in San Diego, California," said ANSI president and CEO S. Joe Bhatia. "ANSI is one of the most active ISO member bodies because we know that standards and conformance are critical to addressing the technological, economic, and societal challenges that we all face globally. At the ISO 2012 GA, we look forward to reaffirming the U.S. commitment to international standardization . . . and to celebrating international standards as a global solution."

The meeting will bring together more than 600 delegates and accompanying persons from ISO's more than 160 member countries. Holding this event in the U.S. offers myriad benefits and opportunities, showcasing American technology and innovation to colleagues around the globe and saving U.S. experts the time and expense of traveling to another nation - a significant savings in this economic climate.

Since ISO's founding in 1947, ANSI has helped to propel ISO's work by representing U.S. interests at the table where International Standards and policies are developed. As host, ANSI will reaffirm the U.S.'s commitment to international standardization; raise awareness of ISO to U.S. industry management; and contribute to the spirit of international cooperation that drives the standardization community.

Hosting an event of this magnitude and importance requires broad financial support. To ensure the best possible event on behalf of all ISO participants from the U.S. and abroad, ANSI is offering sponsorship opportunities for the ISO 2012 General Assembly.

With a number of sponsorship levels and valuable benefits provided to organizations contributing at each level, sponsorship is a mutually beneficial arrangement that demonstrates the U.S.'s commitment to furthering international standardization.

For more information on sponsorship opportunities for ISO 2012, click here. Questions can be directed to Steven P. Cornish, ANSI senior director for international policy ([email protected]; 212.642.4969).


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