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ANSI and NIST to Host International Workshop on Challenges to Increased Use of Nanotechnology Standards

For decades, standards have served as foundational tools for enabling the development and deployment of myriad technologies. In the case of nanotechnology, which focuses on the manipulation and control of matter in the nanoscale (approximately 1 to 100 nm), virtually all industry sectors are benefitting from advancements, from information technology to medicine to clean energy production. Standards in turn are helping to address important questions about the materials and systems comprising this technology.

Nanotechnology standardization efforts have been underway for more than five years, and have resulted in the development of important standards in such areas as terminology, measurement, and characterization of nanomaterials and systems, and environmental health and safety practices to ensure the proper handling of nanomaterials. Yet despite the existence of these standards, there appear to be barriers to their widespread use, potentially limiting the rapid development and deployment of nanotechnology. Broader use and adoption of such standards can help address concerns about regulatory divergence, enable global commerce, and advance further innovations in nanotechnology.

A December 13-14 workshop to be hosted by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) will focus on identifying issues that may be impacting the broader adoption and use of nanotechnology standards, and how such barriers can be effectively addressed.

Workshop participants will work to develop a clearer understanding of nanotechnology standards needs and priorities as well as potential limitations facing standards developers. Emphasis will be given to identifying mechanisms for improved communication and coordination between and among nanotechnology standards users from government, industry, and those organizations that develop nanotechnology standards.

In order to ensure a robust dialogue, this workshop is international in scope and will include international participation from nanotechnology standards users—including manufacturers, government regulators, consumer and public interest groups, academia, and government policy developers—as well as organizations that are involved in nanotechnology standards development, national measurement laboratories, and other relevant groups.

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