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ANSI Issues Report from the April 25 Exploratory Meeting for an Energy Efficiency Standards Panel


Proposed Framework for the Panel's Path Forward to Be Released in the Coming Weeks

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) released today the report from its April 25 exploratory meeting for an ANSI Energy Efficiency Standards Panel, which brought together more than 240 in-person and webinar participants to discuss how a standards coordinating body could best help to advance the nation's clean energy agenda.

The Energy Efficiency Potential
According to the 2009 McKinsey report Unlocking Energy Efficiency in the U.S. Economy, energy efficiency offers a vast, low-cost energy resource for the U.S. economy—but only if the nation can craft a comprehensive and innovative approach to unlock it. Significant and persistent barriers will need to be addressed at multiple levels to stimulate demand for energy efficiency and manage its delivery across more than 100 million buildings and literally billions of devices.
The meeting report reflects the considerable input and insights shared by the in-person and webinar attendees, who in turn represented the interests of a broad cross-section of stakeholder groups. The report provides a distillation of the event's presentations and discussions, drawn conclusions, and an overview of next steps.

Among the many perspectives voiced, a common theme was the benefit that could be achieved by having a single focal point of information on the range of activities currently operating in the energy efficiency space. If scoped correctly, a standardization roadmap could provide a bird's-eye view of these diverse activities while raising awareness and visibility of each activity among public- and private-sector stakeholders.

During the afternoon's open session, participants voiced their perspectives on what ANSI should consider with regard to the mission, deliverables, and scope of an energy efficiency standards panel. A distillation of these recommendations is included in the report.

View the full meeting report here.

Next Steps
Based on input received at the April 25 meeting, ANSI is developing a proposed framework for the panel's path forward with regard to scope, mission, deliverables, and structure. This framework will be shared with meeting participants and other interested stakeholders in the coming weeks.

The agenda, speaker presentations and biographies, and a photo gallery from the meeting are available on the event page.


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