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Did You Know? offers a quick look at the broad scope of activities underway within the ANSI Federation, highlighting the people and initiatives making waves in standardization.

UL Revises Safety Requirements for AV Products to Reduce Battery Ingestion Risk
UL, a member and audited designator of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), has published an annex revising UL 60065, Audio, Video and Similar Electronic Apparatus - Safety Requirements, which covers common household, commercial, and professional audio/video products. The changes were proposed by the Product Safety Working Group (PSWG) of the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) and supported by the Toy Industry Association (TIA). CEA and TIA are ANSI members and accredited standards developers.

The revision to Annex 1 of UL 60065 calls for enhanced warning labels and markings on battery-powered non-toy products - especially remote controls - to alert consumers to the hazard of battery ingestion. The standard also establishes abuse requirements that will reduce the risk of breakage of products that may release these small batteries. Due to the need for re-testing of previously certified products and the potential need for redesign and retooling of production line equipment, the new requirements will not go into effect until January 2, 2014.

Read TIA's announcement of the UL revision here.

AdvaMed Veterans Boot Camp Helps Returning Soldiers Join the Med-Tech Workforce
ANSI member the Advanced Medical Technology Association (AdvaMed) will host a MedTech Veterans Program (MVP) Boot Camp for Returning Heroes on September 30 - October 2. To be held conjunction with AdvaMed 2012: The MedTech Conference in Boston, the event is designed to provide qualified veterans with job-search assistance in the medical technology field.

The MVP Boot Camp will select and invite up to 25 candidates to receive one-on-one mentoring and advice about careers in medical technology. The three-day program kicks off with a welcome reception and dinner, followed by two days of educational programming, networking opportunities, and mentorship. Veterans currently working in the medical technology field who are interested in becoming mentors for returning soldiers can learn more here.

NFPA Launches Free Online Wildfire-Reduction Toolkit
ANSI member and audited designator the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has launched a Firewise Toolkit, available at no cost online, as part of its Firewise® Communities Program. Firewise® is a national initiative that emphasizes community involvement and provides important information for residents to reduce the risk of wildfire igniting homes.

The new tools are designed to meet the needs of homeowners, fire-service professionals, community leaders, and others interested in learning how to reduce wildfire risk, and can be downloaded and printed for meetings, presentations, and for individual use. To access the Firewise Toolkit, click here.

Sustainability Accounting Standards Board Applies for Accreditation as ANSI ASD
ANSI member the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) has submitted an application for accreditation as an ANSI Accredited Standards Developer (ASD). The proposed scope is to develop a sustainability accounting standard for each of the industries in the Sustainable Industry Classification System. Each standard would consist of performance indicators and management disclosures, grouped into impacts and innovation opportunities.

The standards would be based on performance metrics and management disclosures that are commonly tracked and reported on in the industry. Where there are no common metrics or disclosures, SASB would create them. For questions or to offer comments, contact SASB's Kimberly Seigel (415.617.7346; [email protected]). Please submit your comments to SASB by October 1, 2012, with a copy to [email protected].

SASB's proposed operating procedures are available here.


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