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ANSI Seeks U.S. Experts to Assist in the Revision of ISO/IEC Guide 46 on Consumer Products Testing Related to Counterfeiting


ISO/IEC Guide 46: Basics
ISO/IEC Guide 46 provides a framework of principles for comparative testing of consumer products and services. The guidelines, which are intended for bodies and associations that carry out comparative testing programs, ensure that meaningful test results and information are presented in a manner that will assist consumers to make informed choices regarding their consumer product and service needs.

At its May 2012 plenary meeting, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Committee on Consumer Policy (COPOLCO) moved to initiate the revision of ISO/IEC Guide 46:1985, Comparative testing of consumer products and related services - General principles and to investigate the document's relevance to counterfeiting issues. As the U.S. representative to ISO, and COPOLCO via the Consumer Interest Forum (CIF), the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) is now soliciting nominations for U.S. experts to serve on the working group (WG) responsible for revision of the guide. Additionally, ANSI is seeking participants to serve on a U.S. Virtual Technical Advisory Group (VTAG) that will provide U.S. stakeholder input to the U.S. WG experts named by the ANSI ISO Council (AIC).

Up to 7% of all worldwide trade is thought to be made up of counterfeit goods, a problem abetted by inconsistent enforcement, low consumer awareness of counterfeits, insufficient penalties, and the rise of Internet commerce, among other factors. Through the revision of Guide 46, COPOLCO seeks to find ways to blunt the significant threat posed by counterfeiting to consumer safety and worldwide economic growth. The WG will be tasked with carrying out research and drafting recommendations for the revision of Guide 46 in advance of COPOLCO's 2013 plenary meeting, while the VTAG will provide additional perspectives on the proposed alterations to the document.

Individuals interested in participating in the WG or supporting its work through the U.S. VTAG should contact Karen Hughes ([email protected]) by close of business on Monday, October 29, 2012.


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