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Drinking Water Week Highlights the Importance of Water Oversight and Standards

For more than 35 years, the American Water Works Association (AWWA), an American National Standards Institute (ANSI) member and accredited standards developer, has marked Drinking Water Week during the first week of May, providing an opportunity to recognize the important role clean, available drinking water plays in bolstering economic growth and safeguarding public health around the world. This year's celebration of Drinking Water Week is being held May 5-11, and will be marked by activities organized by water utilities, environmentalists, and many others with the goal of disseminating important information about drinking water preservation and safety.

ANSI is proud to recognize the annual observance of Drinking Water Week, and honors the important work done by AWWA and other members of the ANSI Federation to support the availability and safety of drinking water in the U.S. and abroad. Along with AWWA, ANSI members and accredited standards developers ASTM International and NSF International, among others, have created standards and related documents providing important guidance on topics including drinking water treatment, water piping, and water analysis.

In addition, a number of ANSI-accredited certification bodies (CBs) are active in assessing compliance to water quality standards, including ICC Evaluation Services, CSA International, IAPMO R&T, NSF International, Underwriters Laboratories, and the Water Quality Association. To learn more about the scopes of accreditation for these bodies, take a look at ANSI's accreditation directory for the Product Certification Accreditation Program, or visit

During Drinking Water Week, AWWA encourages communities to hold water-related events and activities in order to bolster awareness of the importance of drinking water to individual neighborhoods and towns, as well as to society as a whole. Poster contests, adopt-a-hydrant programs, and open public meetings are just some of the many ways that individuals and community groups can get the word out about the importance of drinking water.

"Drinking Water Week provides an excellent time to focus on the role we all play in understanding and caring for our water supplies and systems," said David LaFrance, AWWA's executive director. "Let's use this opportunity to help protect all of our communities' health and vitality by learning more about how we maintain a safe and sustainable supply of drinking water."

For more suggestions about how to mark Drinking Water Week, or to access other free water-related resources, visit the official Drinking Water Week website here.


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