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Revised Versions of ISO 9000 and ISO 9001 Released as Draft International Standards

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) recently announced the publication of revised drafts of two popular International Standards focused on quality management systems. ISO 9000, Quality management systems -- Fundamentals and vocabulary, and ISO 9001, Quality Management Systems - Requirements, are now available for purchase as Draft International Standards (DIS). This release is a key milestone in the revision of these standards, which, like all ISO standards, are reviewed on a five-year cycle to ensure that they continue to be relevant and effective.

ISO 9001 sets down requirements for quality management systems that can be used by organizations of all types and sizes that are seeking to demonstrate consistent and effective quality through their operations, while ISO 9000 provides information about the fundamentals of quality management systems, including relevant vocabulary. Both these International Standards play an important role in international work on quality management, and more than 1.5 million organizations in 191 countries currently make use of ISO 9001.

ISO/DIS 9000 and ISO/DIS 9001 include a number of notable changes from the previous editions, including altered terminology and new requirements mandating the active involvement of senior management in the alignment of business needs and quality policies. All organizations certified to the current versions of these two documents will be required to migrate to the new editions within three years of their official publication, which is expected next year; organizations that review these documents will have a head start when it comes to understanding and implementing these proposed changes.

For companies, non-profits, and other stakeholder organizations interested in purchasing these Draft International Standards, a multi-user subscription, known as a site license, makes it easy for multiple employees and experts from a single firm to make effective use of these documents. To purchase site licenses for these documents, or to learn more about the benefits of site licenses, visit ANSI's ISO/DIS 9000 and 9001 Site License webpage. Individual copies of ISO/DIS 9000 and ISO/DIS 9001 are also available for purchase online.

Draft versions of these important documents are expected to be made available as part of a general public comment period later in the revision process. For more information about these documents, send an email to the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), the U.S. member to ISO, at [email protected].


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