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ANSI/ANAB Signs MOU with UCAIUG for Accreditation of Green Button Certification Bodies


Program Facilitates U.S. Consumers' Easy Access to Energy-Usage Data

In conjunction with its affiliate ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board (ANAB), the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with UCA International Users Group (UCAIug), scheme owner of the Green Button Interoperability Testing and Certification Authority (ITCA) program. The agreement formalizes cooperative work on an ANSI accreditation program that will be a requirement for certification bodies (CBs) and laboratories seeking to participate in the UCAIug Green Button ITCA program for consumer energy-usage information.

Green Button is an industry-led, government-supported effort that responds to a White House call for utilities to provide customers with easy and secure computer access to their energy usage information. Customers are able to download their own detailed energy usage by clicking a "Green Button" on a participating electric utility's website. With comprehensive data in hand, consumers can make informed decisions and take advantage of online services to help manage energy use and save money.

As the Green Button ITCA, UCAIug works to ensure that international standards and other best practices are identified and considered in the establishment and operation of Green Button test and certification programs. The new ANSI accreditation program responds to the need for an independent, third-party program to ensure quality and foster a high level of public confidence in CBs and laboratories participating in the UCAIug Green Button ITCA program.

ANSI will assess competence in accordance with UCAIug Green Button ITCA program requirements and the following international standards:

For certification bodies:

  • ISO/IEC Guide 65, General requirements for bodies operating product certification systems; or
  • IAF GD 5:2006, Guidance on the application of ISO/IEC Guide 65; or
  • ISO/IEC 17065, Conformity assessment - Requirements for bodies certifying products, processes, and services

For laboratories:

  • ISO/IEC 17025:2005, General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories

"ANSI is proud to announce this joint work between ANSI and the UCAIug, which provides a level of quality assurance that will strengthen the integrity, efficacy, and perceived value of the Green Button program," said Lane Hallenbeck, ANSI vice president of accreditation services. "CBs and laboratories that earn accreditation from ANSI will demonstrate a high level of competence in delivering effective certification services or testing for the Green Button program."

For more information, contact Reinaldo Figueiredo, ANSI senior director, product certification accreditation ([email protected]), or visit ANSI's accreditation website.


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