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Did You Know? offers a quick look at the broad scope of activities underway within the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Federation of members and partners, highlighting recent accomplishments and new resources related to standardization.

Research Roadmap for Smart Fire Fighting Guides the Path for New Technologies
ANSI members the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)'s Fire Protection Research Foundation (Foundation) have released a new document that will assist in the development of technologies for fire protection and firefighting.

"Research Roadmap for Smart Fire Fighting" addresses the use of communication, computing, sensors, and networking technologies, known as cyber-physical systems, to improve firefighting capabilities. With these interconnected technologies, firefighters can receive critical information about a structure such as its floor plan as they arrive on a scene.

"The ultimate aim of the roadmap is to enable real-time delivery of useful information before, during, and after a fire incident or other emergency — to get actionable intelligence to the first responders who need it, when they need it," said Anthony Hamins, head of NIST's Fire Research Division.

To learn more and access the report, see the NFPA blog post.

ANSI Members Form Initiative to Hire Veterans for Energy Jobs
ANSI member and accredited standards developer the American Gas Association (AGA), together with the Edison Electric Institute (EEI), and the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI), have teamed up with several government agencies and energy trade associations to form the Utility Industry Workforce Initiative.

This effort matches veterans, exiting service members, and their spouses with jobs in the utility industry through recruitment, training, and retention programs. The market for natural gas is growing; however many working in the industry are expected to retire in the next decade, creating a high demand for qualified employees.

"Having courageously served their country in our armed services, America's military veterans are an excellent fit for the nation's natural gas utilities," said AGA president and CEO Dave McCurdy. "The leadership skills, focus, and dedication honed through military service are ideal qualities for building a workforce focused on service and meeting critical energy needs. We are honored to assist these dedicated men and women with education and ongoing career development, and to welcome them into our member companies and communities as we work to deliver America's energy future."

Read more about the initiative in AGA's news release and EEI's news release.

APA Publishes Online Resources on Stock Glulam Beams
APA - The Engineered Wood Association, an ANSI member and accredited standards developer, has published a resource kit for building professionals on stock glulam beams and their capabilities.

Glulam was one of the first engineered wood products, and has a long-standing reputation for high performance in a variety of uses from simple framing jobs to impressive dome arches. However, many end users only associate the material with soaring beams and exposed applications. The APA resource educates users on the other uses of glulam, such as stock beams for framing jobs.

The kit includes editorial articles, case studies, and a glulam manufacturer directory, as well as technical documents, sizing information, installation guidance, and APA's help desk. Read more and access the kit in APA's news release.

ABA Offers Tips to Improve Credit Score
ANSI member The American Bankers Association (ABA), has published an article on how to boost credit score and build a healthy credit history. Tips include:

  • Review your credit report to ensure accuracy

  • Utilize automatic bill pay to make sure bills are paid on time

  • Don't open new credit cards on a whim; compare rates and open only as needed

  • Keep balances on credit cards low, even if you pay them off each month

ABA published these tips in recognition of American Housing Month this June. Strong credit scores are necessary to receive lower mortgage rates when purchasing a home.

To learn more details about these tips and read several more, see the ABA news release. ABA offers other educational materials on housing as well: click here to view.


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