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ANSI and ANAB Announce Change in Management of Superior Energy Performance (SEP) Accreditation Program


Effective the first quarter of 2016, ANAB will assume management responsibilities for the ANSI/MSE 50021, Superior Energy Performance (SEP) verification body accreditation program. ANSI and ANAB have decided the SEP accreditation program will benefit from consolidated management under one accreditation body. This will create greater efficiencies in the day-to-day operations of the program and leverage synergies between ISO 50001 and SEP.

Currently, ANSI and ANAB co-manage the program in order to harmonize the accreditation process with the existing ANAB ISO/IEC 17021 and ISO 50001 process while recognizing the inherent similarities between energy use and GHG accounting and verification. ANSI operates an accreditation program for organizations providing third-party validation and verification services for GHG assertions based on ISO 14065.

Accreditation requirements for the program are contained in ANSI/MSE 50028, a standard created by the ANSI accredited standards developer Georgia Tech Energy and Sustainability Services (GTESS) and based on ISO/IEC 17021. The accredited certification program supports the U.S. Department of Energy lead initiative, which recognizes leadership in energy management through verified improved energy performance. To achieve SEP certification, facilities must undergo a rigorous verification process accredited by ANSI-ANAB.

ANSI and ANAB remain dedicated to working together to ensure that opportunities for collaboration between the GHG and SEP programs are realized. The transition from an ANSI-ANAB joint accreditation to an ANAB accreditation should be seamless for all affected parties. ANAB will provide details regarding the timeline, requirements, and responsible parties involved with the SEP transition to an ANAB accreditation.

For questions related to this change, please contact Tina Garner of ANAB at [email protected] or Ann Howard of ANSI at [email protected].


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