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ANSI Seeks Stakeholders to Serve on Strategic Advisory Group for Aging Societies

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) is seeking U.S. experts for an International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Strategic Advisory Group (SAG) on Aging Societies. As the U.S. member body to ISO, ANSI encourages participants to serve as an ANSI expert to the international level and/or as a member of the ANSI consultative group or virtual Technical Advisory Group (VTAG).

Supported by economic growth and medical breakthroughs, "Aged Societies" (defined by ISO as a country where more than 14 percent is aged 65 and older) are on the rise worldwide. This segment of the population, however, poses several challenges, which can range from medical needs to personal care, and methods to combat isolation. Even more, as the aging population shifts from traditional hospital or nursing home care to personal care settings, more people will rely on new methods for self-sufficient long term care.

ISO reports: "If there is to be a move away from traditional models of supporting our aging society, then innovation will be needed to drive changes. Standards could provide a way of setting out the principle for delivering the new products, services, and solutions that will meet the future needs of our aging societies in a new environment."

As a result of a June ISO Technical Management Board (TMB) meeting to improve efforts in this area, it was determined that the SAG will be going forward under the leadership of proposer the British Standards Institution (BSI)—the UK's national standards organization. ANSI encourages stakeholders who may have interest in contributing to this effort as:

  1. An ANSI expert to the SAG at the international level - ANSI may nominate up to four experts, one in each of the following categories: industry, government, consumers/general public, and research/innovation organizations. Please note that in order to make the group manageable and to balance experts among the four categories, not all four of the ANSI experts nominated may be accepted. An ISO/TMB panel, on which an ANSI representative will serve, will review all nominated experts from all countries and decide on the SAG membership.

  2. A member of an ANSI consultative group, or virtual Technical Advisory Group (VTAG), to allow for broader U.S. stakeholder input to support the ANSI experts that may participate on the SAG.

The work of the ISO SAG is expected to end by June 2017. The first meeting of the ISO SAG has been proposed for October 24, 2016, in London, with several other in-person meetings through next year. All prospective experts who wish to be engaged as an ANSI expert to the international level and/or as a member of the ANSI consultative group or VTAG, may contact Steven Cornish ([email protected]) by close of business on July 29, 2016.

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