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ANSI Wraps Up First-Year Implementation of Phase IV of the U.S.-China SCCP


Roundup: Five workshops completed to date

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) recently completed its first year implementing the current phase of the U.S. Trade and Development Agency's (USTDA's) initiative, the U.S.-China Standards and Conformance Cooperation Program (U.S.-China SCCP). Following successful implementation of Phase III of the program, USTDA awarded ANSI a contract to carry out Phase IV of the U.S.-China SCCP in September 2015 [see related story].

Phase IV will include a total of 20 workshops and seminars over three years, covering a wide range of sectoral topics related to standards and conformity assessment. Five workshops have been completed to date, focusing on smart energy, hazmat, waste water restoration, smart green infrastructure, and supply chain management:

  • In cooperation with its U.S. partner U.S.-China Energy Cooperation (ECP), ANSI held the "U.S.-China Smart Energy Workshop" in Shijiazhuang on April 19, 2016. The workshop provided almost 200 Chinese officials and experts in the fields of heat recovery, energy conservation, environmental protection, and decentralized energy combined heat and power (DECHP) technologies and solutions with the opportunity to learn about energy efficiency management from U.S. government and industry representatives. The workshop addressed the smog issues in the Triple J region (Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei), and identified potential commercial opportunities to showcase U.S. equipment and best practices, with an opportunity for participants to build partnerships in a wide range of sectors.

  • In cooperation with its U.S. partners the U.S. Commercial Service and the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA), ANSI held the "U.S.-China Inter-modal Hazardous Materials Handling (Hazmat) Seminar" on April 26-27, 2016, in Beijing. U.S. experts and industry shared best practices regarding the management and storage of hazardous material. The seminar provided Chinese experts and industry representatives with the opportunity to learn about recently updated standards and management practices in the field of hazardous material management and storage.

  • In cooperation with its U.S. partners the U.S. Commercial Service, BioCleaner, AECOM, and Mineral Technologies Inc., ANSI held the "U.S.-China River and Lake Restoration (Waste Water) Workshop" on May 25, 2016, in Dongguan. The workshop facilitated a discussion on standards and good practices used in river and lake restoration and promoted cooperation between U.S. companies and the Dongguan local government.

  • In cooperation with its U.S. partner the U.S.-China Energy Cooperation (ECP), ANSI held the "U.S.-Sino (Xinjiang) Smart Green Infrastructure Cooperation Forum" on August 30, 2016, in Urmqi, Xinjiang. Participants explored several topics including smart construction for green infrastructure industry development, cognitive computing, and value chain management, among other things.

  • In cooperation with its U.S. partner the U.S. Commercial Service Guangzhou, ANSI held the "U.S.-China Supply Chain Workshop" on October 14, 2016, in Shenzhen. The workshop enabled a cross-section of U.S. supply chain companies to explore opportunities in Guangdong province and addressed topics related to perishable food imports through e-commerce, supply chain operation, management and distribution, and related subjects.

Proceedings and photos from these workshops (and all U.S.-China SCCP workshops) are available for download on the program website.

ANSI will hold at least three additional U.S.-China SCCP workshops before the end of 2016. Details on these workshops are included below:

  • U.S.-China Workshop on Environmental Technology and Pollution Control
    Date: November 4
    Location: Dalian City, Liaoning province

  • U.S.-China Workshop on Electrostatic Protection and Standardization
    Date: November 17
    Location: Xi'an, Shaanxi province

  • U.S.-China Workshop on Green Hospitals
    Date: December 2 (TBC)
    Location: Beijing

To learn more about upcoming workshops and participation opportunities, please contact [email protected]. Additional information regarding the U.S.-China SCCP, including co-sponsorship opportunities for future workshops, is available online.


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