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Attention ANSI-Accredited Standards Developers: 2017 Procedural Compliance Form Must Be Submitted by March 1, 2017


The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) wishes to remind all ANSI-accredited standards developers (ASDs) that the 2017 ASD procedural compliance form recently issued via e-mail must be completed by each ASD and submitted to ANSI through [email protected] by March 1, 2017. "By seeking and maintaining ANSI-accredited status, an organization chooses to publicly commit to an open, equitable, and accessible consensus process that ensures due process and benefits the public interest," explained Lane Hallenbeck, ANSI vice president of accreditation services. "The compliance form is designed to facilitate the annual compliance notification process and ANSI Executive Standards Council (ExSC) oversight."

The 2017 edition of the ANSI Essential Requirements: Due process requirements for American National Standards contains the following revision:

  • Annex B, section B.1.7 Processing the Provisional ANS as an American National Standard: This revision clarifies that a PINS is required in connection with a Provisional ANS or Provisional Amendment to an ANS. Unless your procedures excerpt text from Annex B, this change alone does not require that you revise your organization's accredited procedures. However, by submitting this 2017 Compliance Form, you are confirming compliance with all provisions of the 2017 edition of the ANSI Essential Requirements, so please be sure that your procedures fully comply before submitting.

We encourage all ASDs to join us on January 18, 2017, at 2:00 pm Eastern, for a webinar to review the 2017 ANSI Essential Requirements and the 2017 ASD Compliance Form. Registration is required.

Note that many guidance documents exist that address, for example, the PINS process, targeted outreach, balance, appeals and process efficiencies; these are available at

Review and Submission Process

ASDs are asked to review the 2017 edition of the ANSI Essential Requirements: Due process requirements for American National Standards and complete the ANSI Procedural Compliance Form, recently forwarded via email to the primary contact for each ANSI ASD. If revisions to a developer's procedures are made at any time, they are to be submitted for reaccreditation to ANSI's Procedures and Standards Administration (PSA) department at [email protected]. Revised procedures are to be submitted in strikethrough/underline format with an explanation of all changes. Questions about the compliance form and the ANSI Essential Requirements may be sent to [email protected].

Thank you for your cooperation.


Jana Zabinski

Senior Director, Communications & Public Relations


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Beth Goodbaum

Journalist/Communications Specialist


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