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ANSI Releases Latest Issue of ANSI in China Newsletter


English version is available exclusively to ANSI members

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has released the third quarter 2017 edition of its ANSI in China Newsletter, a resource for updates on technical activities, policy decisions, trade matters, and other information of interest to ANSI members operating in or interacting with China.

The English version of the newsletter is available exclusively to ANSI members. The Chinese version has been made publicly available.

The ANSI in China Newsletter in Mandarin Chinese has content intended for a China-based audience, including ANSI members and partner organizations. Past issues are also publicly available. The English version contains content for a U.S.-based audience. The debut edition of the English version, first published in 2015, is publicly available, while all subsequent editions have been made available to ANSI members only.

Headlines from the latest English version include:

- The National People's Congress (NPC) publishes 2nd draft of China's standardization law

- China National Institute of Standardization (CNIS) releases Social Organization Standardization- Part 2: Evaluation of Good Practice

- Updates on China-based standards development

Editorial contributions for upcoming ANSI in China Newsletter editions are gladly accepted for review and possible publication, subject to revision by the editors. Please submit proposed news items, send questions and comments on China's standardization reform, and provide any other feedback on the newsletter to [email protected].

About the ANSI China Program

In addition to reporting standards-related activities in China, ANSI's China Program has a direct and growing role in fostering greater U.S.-China cooperation in the areas of standardization and conformity assessment. For more information, visit ANSI's StandardsPortal, which provides details and answers on standards, conformance, market access, and trade-related questions for China and other countries.


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Journalist/Communications Specialist


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