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Did You Know? offers a quick look at the broad scope of activities underway within the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Federation of members and partners, highlighting recent accomplishments and new resources related to standardization.

ASHRAE, IES, USGBC, and AIA Guide Provides Energy Savings Information for K-12 School Buildings
ANSI members ASHRAE, the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES), and the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), along with the American Institute of Architects (AIA), have collaborated to develop a new publication on energy savings for K-12 Schools.

Advanced Energy Design Guide for K-12 School Buildings - Achieving Zero Energy provides guidance for owners, contractors, consulting engineers, architects, designers, and administrators of K-12 school buildings seeking achieve advanced energy targets. The guide is the first in a series that focuses on the design and creation of zero energy buildings, and includes how-to tips focused onmultiple specialty areas: building and site planning; envelope; daylighting; electric lighting; plug loads; kitchens and food service; water heating; HVAC; and renewable generation.

Readers will also learn how to set measurable goals, hire design teams, use simulation, and assess how process decisions will affect energy usage. Case studies and technical examples provide real-world applications of the technologies and systems addressed in the guide.

Read more and access the guide on ASHRAE's website.

ASSE to Launch Working Pressure Magazine
ASSE International, an ANSI member and accredited standards developer, has announced that it will publish a new magazine, with the first issue to be released in March 2018.

Working Pressure will cover topics related to all of ASSE's demographic range, including backflow prevention, plumbing/mechanical, water quality, HVAC, fire protection, medical gas, and water utility. The magazine will replace Backflow Prevention & Plumbing Standards (BPPS), which was discontinued at the end of 2017.

The new publication will include columns for product standards, professional qualifications standards, government and code updates, backflow industry updates and opinions, new products, engineering perspectives, industry news, membership news, product repair, and quarterly quizzes. It will also contain feature length articles on topics of interest to the organization's membership, from contractor tips to the implementation of technology. Quarterly issues will be available at

See Working Pressure's website to learn more.

CSA Publishes White Paper on Protecting Connected Devices Against Cyber Attack
CSA Group, an ANSI member and accredited standards developer, has released a new white paper on the safety and security risks associated with Internet connectivity.

Protecting Connected Devices Against Cyber Attack explores the rise of cyber attacks on the Internet of Things (IoT) and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), and the importance of considering related safety and security risks for commercial or residential buildings and industrial processes. The white paper covers advantages and vulnerabilities of IoT and IIoT; how to help assure functional safety and security; supply chain mandates; and IEC 62443 cybersecurity standards and evaluation.

Visit CSA's website to learn more and download the free white paper.

ASME Releases Special Journal Issue on the Future of Musculoskeletal Biomechanics
The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), an ANSI member and accredited standards developer, has published a special issue of its Journal of Biomechanical Engineering: "Spotlight on the Future of Musculoskeletal Biomechanics: Frontiers and Challenges in Musculoskeletal Biomechanics."

The issue centers on emerging leaders and laboratories in musculoskeletal biomechanics, and how their work is contributing to new frontiers and challenges in the field. Key areas highlighted include:

-Advances in assessment of tissue function in vivo

-Integrating physiological processes and systems within the context of mechanical function

-Sophisticated assessments of tissue structure and function

-Emerging uses of rodent models to study musculoskeletal systems

Learn more and access the articles freely online on ASME's website.


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