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ANSI Seeks Industry Feedback for Water-Footprint Verification Accreditation Program


The UN World Water Development Report 2018 reveals that while global water demand is expected to surge over the next two decades, water pollution and scarcity are a growing threat to society at large. Cape Town, South Africa, for example, may represent a watershed moment in elevating public discourse on water scarcity. After three years of severe drought, city officials have implemented consumption limits, fearing that in 2019 Cape Town may become the first major city to run out of water. Globally, the UN projects that almost 6 billion people will suffer from water shortages by 2050.

As a response to these conditions, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) is seeking feedback on the possible development of a water-footprint verification accreditation program. The Institute will coordinate with certification and verification bodies working in the water quantification and verification arena to assess needs and priorities for such an accreditation program over the next few months.

Global water initiatives are growing, with campaigns such as the recent World Water Day actively promoting public awareness of freshwater risks such as floods, droughts, and pollution and encouraging sustainable management of water resources by sponsoring informative documentaries, conferences, and seminars. The goal of this type of advocacy is to help achieve universal access to safe water by 2030. Visit

Relevant experts are strongly encouraged to provide ANSI with feedback on their current water-related activities and needs, including:

? Areas of focus (product, process, and/or organizational water footprint);

? Criteria for water footprint quantification and verification;

? Data gaps and criteria insufficiencies in quantifying and verifying water footprint; and

? Perceived value of accreditation, including market demand.

Interested stakeholders who currently work in this sector are invited to submit feedback to Phillip Mariscal, coordinator, environmental accreditation programs, ANSI: [email protected].

About ANSI Accreditation

ANSI Accreditation provides assurance that standards, goods, and services meet essential requirements throughout the global supply chain - engendering consumer trust and fostering competitiveness. Increasingly, procurement authorities, government agencies, and program/scheme owners are specifying accreditation in order to demonstrate the technical competence and impartiality of conformance services and processes. These assessments enhance confidence between buyers and sellers as they mitigate risk.


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